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I'm not the kind of macho, but I did'nt think for a second that maybe gay. In three years, if I had been only 19, I had a couple of brief relationships with girls, but probably not in them. I started taking more and spend more time on my own, I had moved away from home and was happy to spend time xxxaporn enjoying the local countryside walk in nature. was in a small wooded area on foot, where there were a couple of times before but had never seen anyone else there. On this occasion I do not think I met him, he was more spies in the distance. My attention was drawn to a movement of about 50 feet away from me under a bush, I quickly realized there was someone in the bushes, at first I assumed he must wear shorts, because I could see, he did not wearing a shirt, for some reason, I went back and saw one of the three. At first I was sure that he knew what he was looking for, but then I could see clearly how he moved closer xxxaporn to the light, he was naked, stark naked, had his backHe turned to me, I wanted to back out, without warning, as he turned and I get tired of seeing his cock was standing straight up, even at this distance, it looked so great that no standing taps seen in real life, but they had on sites like these xxxaporn that sometimes had a look and I had always told me it was just a little natural curiosity to see. I was hooked, I have, as he moved around stood outside and began his hands up and down saw his cock was masturbating. I was wearing shorts and a teeshirt, I found myself put my hand on the front of my pants and touched my cock, I did'nt what was xxxaporn happening, I was getting an erection and what I did before of course, I had my hand in my shorts feel my cock growing hard in my Briel. was about 40 or 50 years and have seen as I walked around the time you masturbate, I was aware of the movement of their eggs, as they moved up and down, as hand emphasized it. My hand was firmly in my underwear in solid carbide and now my cock shaking, I was under the impulse of straw consumed. had'nt occurred to me that was with me and that I was destined to see what he was doing at that time there was no reason for me, I slowly pulled my tail, not just to masturbate me, but very close to it. Suddenly overwhelmed by my sexual urges, that opened my pants and pushed them along with my panties down, just the sheer xxxaporn relief was to get rid of the tail is a pleasure in itself. I was'nt convinced that I started, and that he needed me never remember, big sex drive, a girl he had never done with straw me, was totally overwhelming, to the countless times I've masturbated I never felt like this I always liked that takes me down, but that was another thing, it was like I had become a different me. that moved behind the trees to see what he did, he had moved much closer to tor me and was looking directly at me, he smiled and said hiya young man I've seen a few times before, I was wondering if you made ​​the same reason that most of us, at this time is ' nt know that there xxxaporn are others. Let's see what you have, I bet you got a nice cock, I moved on, I was able to move his swollen tip of his cock wet shiney inside and outside of his foreskin when he was being masturbated himself. is Yes, a beauty that he said when he was in sight, what you want, take it or give or both, I knew from reading sex sites, which should, but never had my mind to do well. xxxaporn While my mind was still in trouble, came and xxxaporn pulled my hand from my cock and took him away in a soft grip and I will not even xxxaporn try to describe at this time. he made no attempt to stop it when I masturbate with one hand as he masturbated with the other. Suddenly it was when the currency fell with him, oh shit started, he said, hisIs'nt is your first time there, nodded, enjoy my friend, he said that this is an opportunity I will never forget, gently tell me if you want to stop, why not take your equipment and relax and let happen. as in a trance, they stripped me, took my hand and fixed my xxxaporn fingers around his cock, which came and went from starting that I masturbated, I was right about what it was, I never forget that the first feeling the force of another Mans cock in my hand. Suddenly everything was clicking it looked ok I was from another man masturbated, it was much better than the one I love, I remember now, when a girl put her hand in my underwear and my cock felt nothing for me . We were naked, masturbating each other, I copied what he was doing to me, holding my balls in one hand and masturbating with the other did the same for him when he and kissed her gently sucking on my nipples that - forward and backward. When I first saw when they suddenly came over me, and immediatelyrecogniised, I wanted to go, she whispered, come, come, come. He made no attempt to avoid my semen, as sprayed on your body back to my inexperience, I heard an idiot when I arrived, with his free hand, he took over was masturbating away in seconds. When both ended up coming he took my stuff and said lets go xxxaporn ovr my clothes I have to clean a piece of cloth with a bare foot with him, that was 50 feet or less relaxed in his clothes back on most of my life. Three years after the line I have to admit that gay sex with strangers is still the most appreciated, I have some other places where you can undress me what is discovered, discover, and you know what you can do with our bodies, and other men.
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